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AFJ Limited provides top-tier Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services with a 'Good' CQC Rating. Our specialized offerings also include Renal, Discharge, Bariatric services, Long distance transport ensuring tailored solutions for diverse patient needs. Backed by highly trained Ambulance Care Assistants and a diverse fleet, we deliver reliable transportation across the North West and West Midlands.

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Welcome to AFJ Limited, your trusted partner in Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services (NEPTS). With over a decade of experience, we understand the critical need for efficient and compassionate patient transport solutions. Our commitment to excellence and patient care drives us to provide reliable and tailored services to hospitals and medical organizations across the Midlands, Wales, and the Northwest.

Rapid and Reliable Response
Swift and Dependable Service

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver swift and dependable responses to your non-emergency patient transport needs. Whether it's urgent discharge transport or scheduled appointments, count on us for timely and efficient service delivery.

Diverse Transport Solutions
Comprehensive Range of Transport Services

Our NEPTS offerings encompass a wide array of transport services tailored to non-emergency situations. From routine patient transfers to specialized bariatric and long-distance transport, we cater to diverse patient needs with precision and care.

Highly Rated CQC Provider
CQC Endorsed Excellence

As a CQC registered provider since 2009, AFJ Limited consistently upholds high standards of quality and safety in our NEPTS. Our stellar ratings reflect our unwavering commitment to providing top-notch patient care.

Seasoned NEPTS Professionals
Experienced Provider with Over 14 Years of Expertise

With over 14 years of dedicated service in Non-Emergency Patient Transport, our experienced team brings invaluable expertise to every transport assignment. Trust us to handle your patients' needs with professionalism and proficiency.

Personalized Patient Care
Tailor-Made, Friendly, and Caring Services

At AFJ Limited, we prioritize personalized and compassionate care for every patient. Our friendly staff ensures a comfortable and reassuring experience, tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient we serve.

Specialized Services for Varied Patient Needs
Customized Solutions for Unique Needs

Our NEPTS include specialized services catering to diverse patient requirements. From bariatric support , renal discharge transport , long distance transport, repatriation services; we offer customized solutions to ensure the safety and comfort of all patients under our care during the transport.

Safety and Professionalism
Paramount Patient Safety

Patient safety is our top priority. Our highly-trained Ambulance Care Assistants undergo rigorous training to uphold the highest standards of safety and professionalism during every transport.

Excellent Value for Money
Affordable and Quality Service

   AFJ Limited is committed to delivering excellent value for money patient transport services. Our competitive pricing ensures that clients receive quality services at fair and affordable rates, without compromising on safety or care.

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